The rain the past few days was terrible. I couldn’t sleep,I couldn’t think when I was doing my homework. The other thing was that it canceled my softball tournament to Houston. I was really upset:( about it , but I guess it helped other people.


In the kitchen

With all the tasty ingredients

Beside the refrigerator

With my sister

Into the oven

Until the timer rings

Expecting golden cookies

Lets eat!! 🙂


Softball is one of my favorite sports to do. Its also a lot of work  because you have to practice almost every single day to play good in tournaments. I even have to practice even more because Im one of the pitchers on my team. Pitcher is one of my favorite position to play . I also like playing outfield  and bating is my second favorite thing to play in softball.Bating is the most hardest part in softball for me but also the funnest part. I also play volleyball ,but i think softball is the number one sport.

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